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Our History

We’re knowledgeable. We’re local. We’re Italians.

We’re knowledgeable. We’re local.

We’re Italians. We’re from Italy, and we know Rome. Because of that, we know where good food comes from. When we aren’t giving tours, you can even find us at the exact spots we will show you—that’s why our tour is so authentic.

Why choose a tour with someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to grow up with Italian food? Unlike other tour companies, we don’t hire recent transplants but rather, people who know and love this city as their own. We have lived and studied the Italian culinary experience. We want to share this passion with you.

Let’s explore our home, Rome, while we give you unique insider insights in an elegant Roman neighborhood called Prati, close to the Vatican. Outside of the tourist center with affluent and authentic roots, we in Prati have high standards for quality. We’ll take you to exclusive spots, many of which are organic, and show you the best kept local secrets away from tourists.

The culture of Italian food is our history personally, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Your good taste deserves a good food tour.

Our promise

We are eager to share fresh, local, and traditionally produced products that come from our own neighborhood. We believe in sharing only in-season and high quality ingredients, and never anything from tourist traps.

Alessandro & Claudio Ceo

Our philosophy

We believe in Slow Food.

We’re dedicated to using only traditionally made food from high-quality and locally sourced ingredients.

Owned & Operated by Locals

This is our neighborhood. You can trust us with the best recommendations in town. The food we share with you is the same food we choose to feed our families and enjoy with friends.

Dedication to Slow Food

We love Slow Food. Our tours highlight in season products that are made in agreement with local traditions, only using using high-quality and locally sourced ingredients.

A History of Quality

We’ve trusted the same vendors and producers for years. We’ve built strong relationships with the shop owners and artisans featured on our food tour. Our partners’ names are synonymous with quality.

Our Story

Nowadays, it’s hard to find people who know Rome as well as we do. Our founders grew up in Rome, and have always lived and worked here. It all started when Alessandro realized the visitors to his bed & breakfast absolutely loved the food he was serving them from the local market and artisanal shops. Guests loved the organic fresh cheeses and veggies, flavorful olive oil and more, and an idea was born. Too many tourists eat badly when they come to Italy, not knowing about the local spots our founders grew up enjoying. Why not share the joy with fellow food enthusiasts who expect the best when they come to Italy?

We started these food tours to share with visitors the places we really shop and eat. Our goal is to introduce you to grocers and artisans we’ve known personally for years. Our friends are a local secret in Rome unfrequented by many tourists, with the best food you can find—that’s why these are the same foods we feed our families.

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